Carwardine Legal provides a range of legal services to its clients.  These include:

  • Drafting, negotiating and executing a range of general commercial contracts including
    customer contracts, standard consumer terms (including SFOA), vendor and IT contracts,
    carrier contracts (fixed/mobile/MVNO), reseller agreements, service agreements and
    outsourcing/offshoring contracts.
  • Managing, structuring, negotiating and implementing major projects including
    submarine cable and satellite projects.   Advising on indefeasible rights of use (IRUs),
    capacity use agreements (CUAs) and other submarine cable capacity purchase agreements, 
    cable system tenders and supply contracts, spur/branch agreements, landing party
    agreements, marine maintenance agreements etc.

  • Planning, structuring, negotiating and executing corporate transactions including
    private equity mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, sale or purchase of shares,
    and sale or purchase of businesses/assets.  Providing advice on shareholders agreements,
    corporate structuring and establishing companies.
  • Providing advice, compliance training and compliance programs in relation to the Competition 
    and Consumer Act (including the Australian Consumer Law), the Telecommunications Act, 
    the Telecommunications Consumer Protections Code (TCP Code), premium phone/SMS
    regulations, and Privacy, Do Not Call, Spam and other law and regulation relevant to
    the communications, internet and IT industries.  Assisting with compliance attestations,
    customer information 
    compliance statements and critical information summaries, and 
    developing compliance plans and compliance achievement plans, under the TCP Code.

  • Acting as a company director and company secretary.
  • Advising executives, general counsel and corporate counsel on legal and regulatory
    issues, including at a strategic level.   Advising in relation to intellectual property matters
    including copyright, trademarks and patents, and cloud computing and software-as-a-service
  • Providing virtual general counsel or corporate counsel services to corporations that
    cannot justify a full-time employee in that role or that require temporary leave cover.
If our firm is not suitably experienced or qualified to provide particular advice or act on a particular
matter, we will not hesitate to let you know.  We can refer you to other like-minded practitioners
with more suitable experience
or qualifications.

The firm is an incorporated legal practice, Carwardine Legal Pty Ltd, ACN 151 801 286, ABN 55 151 801 286. 
Its legal practitioner director is Austin Carwardine.  Carwardine Legal holds professional indemnity
insurance under a policy underwritten by Lawcover Insurance.